Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to my Garden.....

Welcome to my Garden, thanks for your visit, let me know your favorite flower at the end of my post....

What would summer be without this beauty! I love purchasing the same plants year after year and placing them in the same spot as the year before!

Every year I purchase a Gardenia tree for the same spot on my deck.   This fragrant beauty sits right outside my kitchen door.  When I have the doors open the beautiful scent fills my kitchen.

the most fragrant part of my garden!

What is a garden without cherubs, carefully monitoring the water flow.

My blue hydrangea's are absolute stunners this year! I have several vases of snipped hydrangea's.  Now if only they would have a scent~can you imagine!

Sit awhile and watch the birds on one of our concrete benches.
The birds enjoying their seed!
A Red Robin sits in our 40 year old oak tree that had to come down!
I hated cutting the tree down but it had to go for many reasons!

the corner without the oak tree!

the kids in the garden....

I alternate between fresh roses and hydrangea on my kitchen window sill!

fresh roses at the sill!

my pink lace hydrangea!
our deck!

Thanks so much for taking a stroll through my garden!


  1. Hi Margie, Thanks for visiting me, your yard is beautiful, the little pink petunias, I think, are so cute, beautiful perenials and landscaping! Love your blog header too!

  2. You are so lucky you can grow gardenia's! They are one of my faves but they don't do well here in Oregon:( Love your garden!

    1. Hi Debbi,
      Thanks for your comments on my garden! I actually have two gardenia's. The tree I can't keep but I have a plant that I bring indoors for the winter. It blooms early March and in the summer!

  3. Margie, my favorite flower in your garden would be the Blue Hydrangeas. I have some blue flowers in my garden. I always wanted to make a section with just all blue flowers. Your cherubs are beautiful!